You’re Not Buying a Car, Show Some Excitement in Your Interview!

How to show enthusiasm during your interview

We’ve all been there. You’ve done your research, you know your budget, and you’ve just taken the car of your dreams for a test drive around the block. You want this car so much, you’ve already envisioned yourself hitting the road and going on an adventure. And now, you’re sitting with the salesman at the car dealership and it’s time to get down to business.

You have your best poker face on, and although you REALLY want that 4-wheeled beauty, you know you can’t show the slightest amount of the excitement you feel inside; not a hint of how close you are to the gem. You swear you can still smell the tantalizing new car smell.

Great strategy… if you’re buying a car. However, this should be the complete opposite strategy when you walk into an employer’s doors for an interview.

Showing enthusiasm in your job interview

If you’ve done your research on the company, the company culture is right up your alley, and you can really see yourself contributing and growing within the company, raise your hand and demonstrate to them that you are excited. And be clear about it!

Don’t let this amazing opportunity slip by because you’re trying to play it cool. Here are four tips on how to show excitement in your next job interview.

Do your due diligence before your interview

Make sure you do your research before you walk through the door. Spend some time and research the company online. Do a quick Google search and see if the company has any recent press releases. Are there any new product launches? Did the company just win an award or sponsor an event?

Study up before you walk in the door. This will give you some ammunition during your interview and allow you to ask questions towards the end of the interview. By having some background knowledge of the company, you demonstrate that you are excited about both the position and the company during your interview.

Body language

You can easily show your enthusiasm during a job interview without saying a word. Your body language illustrates your true feelings. When you are excited about something, your whole body is involved. You have a big smile on your face, you make eye contact with the person speaking to you, and you are using your hands to talk.

Your body language allows you to become animated and your non-verbal cues will shine. Good body language is an excellent way to show that you are genuinely interested and excited during an interview.

Ask for a timeline of the next steps

At the end of your interview, ask the interviewers “what are the next steps?” It’s completely understandable that you want to know how quickly the company is looking to make a decision and what the rest of the process looks like. If it hasn’t been addressed yet, it is a great question to ask when concluding the interview.

Follow up after the interview

If you really want the job, this is non-negotiable. Before the end of the day, you need to email a simple “Thank You” email to all the interviewers. If you don’t know all the interviewers’ email addresses, chances are you can find them with a quick Google or LinkedIn search.

Keep it short and sweet. Thank them for taking the time out of their schedule to interview you. Let them know that you really enjoyed learning more about the company and the position. Try to personalize the email to each of the interviewers. This will show that you are really excited about the opportunity!

Try these the next time and you won’t drive off the lot in your old car. Best of luck to you in your search!