Being a Team Really Matters


Teamwork JSG Spokane Chiefs

Last week our team was treated to an exciting hockey game. We went down to the Spokane Arena and saw the local Major-Junior Hockey League team play a great game. From happy hour a few hours before to the final buzzer, the night was one to remember.

Being at the game with the whole office got me thinking about the great team we really have. As the marketing intern, I have never felt like an outlier with the rest of the office, which is something that’s extremely rare. Looking back at not only this fun night, but my entire time at JSG got me thinking about why being a team is so important.

They’re your support group

Let’s face it: the people you work with are your biggest support group right behind your immediate family. They want you to succeed and they want to help you through your failures. If your coworkers aren’t there for you, then that makes work a lot more stressful.

When you have a whole team behind you, support will always be present. Personally, that just makes me feel good. If you ever need help, you won’t be afraid to ask for it. Support and success go hand-in-hand, which is why a work team is so invaluable.

They’ll hold you accountable

This can be overlooked in many offices, and it may seem scary at first. However, being held accountable for the work you’re doing makes it much easier to stay on task. If the people you work with don’t care about how fast and accurate you’re being, then chances are you won’t be producing at your highest level.

Teammates rely on each other, so they have to hold other teammates accountable. If they see you slacking off, they’ll say something and you should do the same. Your work team is crucial for not only the business’ success but also your own success.

It just makes you feel good

This was exactly what I was feeling the other night at the hockey game. Being a part of a close team just makes you feel good. We laughed, talked, and had a great time, which in essence is a huge win for the office.

Good feelings lead to great work, and great work leads to great success. When your office is a team, you can take on the world. The energy is positive and work becomes a lot easier to go to every day.

The cliché saying, “teamwork makes the dream work” is not a lie. Regardless of if you work together with the people in your office or not, it’s important to build the team. Once you do that, success might start to come a little bit easier.