Interview Question: What’s Your Greatest Strength?

what's your greatest strength?

What is your greatest strength? This is probably one of the simplest questions you’ll be asked in an interview. However, many people struggle to answer this question effectively. It can be difficult to talk about ourselves and the interviewer is trying to take you out of your comfort zone.

Here’s what you need to know to effectively answer this question and nail your next interview!

Tie your strength into the job description

Generate a list of all the things you are good at. Even if you don’t think it’s a “real” strength, write it down. Only write down professional strengths. After all, this is an interview and no employer wants to hear that you’re great with animals or you are really good at playing tennis.

Now, review the job description and find where your strengths align with what the employer is looking for. This is the absolute best way to answer this question. Tailoring your answer to the job you are applying for will help illustrate to the interviewer that you are qualified for the position and that you’ve done your homework.

Be able to back your strengths up

The strength you choose to answer in your interview is not nearly as important as your reasoning for selecting that strength. You cannot expect your future employer to believe your answer without concrete evidence!

Begin with directly answering the question, and then shift your answer into a brief story that illustrates your skill. This is your chance to show that you are a great fit for the role and that you align with company’s values.

For example, “I would say my greatest strengths are my communication and writing skills. Having worked as a marketing specialist for over three years, I have tons of experience with writing in different voices to captivate various target audiences. As a marketing manager, I will have the ability to effectively write blogs and generate press releases to effectively communicate with different audiences.”

An answer that followers with a story will help highlight your passion while also showcasing that your experience aligns with the job description.

Be honest

This is the most important part of answering this question. I promise it will not go well if you exaggerate your answer, or worse, even blatantly lie about your strength. If you are not honest about the strength that you provide, it may make or break your interview. They will likely ask you to elaborate on your answer, sparking up a conversation that you’re not equipped to have.

Exaggerating on this answer is never a good thing. Most interviewers will see you spinning in circles as you try to play it off in your interview. It’s best to be your authentic self and provide an honest strength that is tailored to the job. The interviewer is looking past canned answers for who you really are. So, don’t be afraid to answer questions truthfully.

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