At JSG, We Work Hard and Play Hard

work hard play hard

JSG is one of the most unique places to work. From morning meetings to team lunches, we’re a tight-knit group here in Spokane. As a member of the marketing team, I get the perfect outsider’s perspective on why the recruiters in this office are so good at what they do.

It all comes back to our culture. Both company-wide and right here in Spokane, the ‘work hard play hard’ mentality is one that not only fosters success, but also growth. It makes the entire team want to succeed, not just the individual. We truly are a team, and that comes in handy in numerous ways. Whether it’s help in our personal lives or help on establishing and relationships, the team here at JSG is unlike that at any other office.

Culture of success

Last month we celebrated a strong first quarter with a hockey game. Last Friday we took off a little early and headed out of the office a little early and went to a local bar & grill for happy hour. We shared delicious appetizers and had some great conversations with a couple of cold ones.

Seeing the way everyone interacted was a great sight to see. There were smiles all around as glasses clinked and stories were exchanged. After a great month of hard work and a few new additions to our team, it was finally time to play. It’s the little things like happy hour on a Friday or donuts in the morning that help create an attitude and culture of success in our office.

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, we’re working harder than ever to place top candidates into roles that will allow them to succeed. As the seasons change, our culture stays the same – and there’s no doubt that our hard work will lead to more play.