Why Healthcare Hiring Isn’t Slowing Down ANYTIME Soon


I work closely with clients in the healthcare industry daily to find and bring top talent to their facilities and communities. One trend that’s apparent is hiring for healthcare has no signs of slowing down.

The healthcare job market is growing and is currently the United States’ largest source of jobs. In the last 18 months, the healthcare companies have added an average of 24,000 jobs per month, crawling closer to employing a total of 16 million people.

This places the healthcare industry well above the manufacturing and retail industries. In fact, at the beginning of the year, healthcare officially became the largest employer in the country. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that five of the 10 jobs projected to grow the fastest in the next decade will be in healthcare and elderly assistance.

Competition is heating up

We’re in a candidate-driven market and the competition to secure top-level talent is continuing to heat up.

Companies that are growing alongside the bustling U.S. economy are struggling to find great new candidates to fill the staggering number of job openings. For the first time in years, candidates are picking the companies they want to work for, not vice versa.

Many of the candidates I bring to my clients are passively looking for several things when considering new job opportunities:

  • The right fit for them and the client
  • The opportunity to add to their skill set and experience
  • The right community to raise a family
  • The benefits and perks that are offered
  • The compensation packages and opportunities for advancement

However, these are just a few things candidates are searching for when looking for new job opportunities. Thus, when we speak with potential candidates, we always have a discussion in our vetting process concerning money, availability, and location.

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