3 Ways to Prevent Candidates From Turning Down Your Job Offer

Turning Down Your Job Offer

In this talent-driven, competitive market, A-level candidates know their market value and can be extremely selective when choosing which company they want to bring their expertise to. Before you potentially waste your time, here are three easy ways you can prevent a candidate from turning your offer down at the 11th hour and leaving you with that “left at the altar” feeling.

Do your research

Do your research and know what the position you are hiring for pays in your area. This will take you all of about 30 seconds. Go to a compensation calculator like  www.salary.com and find out the compensation range for the role you are hiring. I can guarantee you that the A candidate you want to secure has done their due diligence and knows what it pays.

Don’t make a low-ball offer

This one should be self-explanatory. With the low unemployment rate and tight talent pool, presenting a low-ball offer to an A candidate will only provide an opening for your competition to come in and claim the prize. Be sure to offer what your candidates are truly worth up front to avoid losing out on top-talent employees!

Be transparent

Have a transparent process and communicate clearly throughout the process. This will kill more deals than anything else. Candidates want to understand the timeframe on when certain things are supposed to happen. In fact, they’ve come to expect it. Do your best to hold true to the plan and remain in constant contact with your candidate. If the schedule must change, communicate, communicate, communicate.

Here at JSG, we have a job acceptance rate well above the industry average because of our process and commitment to our clients and candidates. Partner with us and land that A-level candidate you’ve been searching for!