Things Never to Do Within the Interview Process

interview process

You’re excited. They called you back for an interview. Finally, the opportunity you have gone to school for, the opportunity you were born for. The first step has been completed, and I’m here to provide several tips that I hope all candidates utilize throughout their interview process. The first moments after being notified by a hiring manager, a member of the HR team, or a recruiter like myself are the most critical when it comes to locking down your position with your dream company.

Here are things you need to avoid during the interview process if you want to land the job.


  1. Don’t reschedule the interview. If you cannot show the company you are reliable enough to make the first step with them a priority, how can they trust you with day to day tasks? They can’t.
  2. Never assume the entirety of product and services that the company sell/offers/markets. Understanding what makes the company go is critical. Understanding what your role is in the process, even more so.
  3. Avoid connecting with all of the employees on LinkedIn. Coming off too strong and assumptive can raise red flags for employers.

During the interview

  1. Don’t assume that because your BFF works for the company that you’re as good as hired. Don’t rest on the fact that you know someone that works within the institution.
  2. Even if it is a casual interview (ie. Coffee, lunch, or any casual setting) make yourself accountable and professional. Always assume that you don’t have the job and you haven’t done enough to guarantee a position.
  3. Try not to rely too much on past work history. The company is interested in where you have come from and what accolades you have earned, but they are more interested in what accolades you are going to earn with/for them.


  1. Fail to follow up and thank all parties involved with your interview.
  2. Start sharing with your network that you believe you killed it (regardless of how well you actually did). Words can get back to anyone, and you don’t want the company hearing that you’ve gone and hired yourself.
  3. Please, never quit your current job (if applicable). even if they verbally offer you the job on the spot, never quit your current position until you’ve signed the offer letter.

If you manage to avoid all of these landmines, you’ll be setting yourself up for interview success. Good luck!