Why Won’t My Recruiter Tell Me Which Company They’re Recruiting For?


As a recruiter, I run into this question all the time. Why do recruiters often keep a search confidential? Why can’t you tell me what company you’re recruiting for? It’s my responsibility to place the best candidates with the best role for them. If you’ve ever wondered why the secrecy, here’s what’s going on from my position as a recruiter in the mining and heavy industrial industries.

It’s a private search

This happens a lot. I have clients who are replacing a current employee and it’s sensitive. I have to keep my search private so the candidate or someone within my client’s organization doesn’t catch wind of the search. Sometimes there are internal candidates who are not ready to step up, and we don’t want to lose them to advertising that fact.

Ensuring it’s a right fit

Most people are honest, and I honestly want to help you. If I know exactly what your strengths are, I’m not going to put you in a role that you can’t handle. Getting a resume before you see the job description allows me to ensure I’m fitting the right company and the right person together. It would be a lose-lose situation if I place you in a role that isn’t a good fit for either you or my client.

Why you can’t apply directly

I don’t want you to apply directly because it may hurt your chances of getting the job. By applying directly to the job, your resume just gets added to the heaping stack of resumes in my clients’ database. I am brought in to fill critical roles.

If I call you, I am already considering you for the role. I will directly represent you to the hiring manager. Instead of your resume getting lost in an Application Tracking System after receiving your permission, I pick up the phone and get your resume right into the hands of the hiring manager. I have a conversation with them and explain why they need to schedule an interview with you.

You may be working for the competition

Sometimes there is sensitivity associated with a hire, and I’m not at liberty to disclose new ventures until I’m confident we’re on the same page. You may be currently working for my client’s direct competitor. As a result, I cannot reveal all the details until I am positive you are a great fit for the role and are genuinely interested.