Attitude: How the Right Attitude Can Help You Land the Job


Have you ever heard the phrase, “Your attitude determines your altitude.” By Zig Ziglar? Well, it’s a sentence that you should keep close to you when at your job or on the job hunt.

You probably hear all the time how a friend or colleague of yours is having a hard time finding their next position. They have all the skills and experience needed to attain it, but as you know, their attitude isn’t the most flattering.

Here is how you can maintain a great attitude

The way to ensure you come in every day, or to every interview with a great one, is to remember what you put out into the world does come back full circle. So, if you walk into work with a positive mindset, you will be able to accomplish everything you need to, even if it’s a hard or stressful day.

Attitude can make or break your chances at landing a job, and people forget how comforting and calming a warm smile and genuine, “Hope your day is going well” can do for them. Especially, when it comes to finding a new job.

Of course, we all can’t be in a great mood every day… But attitude is something you have full control over! When you have a hard day, or a bad thing happens, you get to choose how you confront that problem. And it all stems back to is your attitude.

If you’re a positive thinker and try to always be optimistic, your attitude will show that. If you always focus on the bad and think everyone is out to get you, your production obviously will suffer.

But, thankfully, it is an easy thing to improve upon by just being self-aware of your actions.

Three Questions to ask yourself

  • Are you kind and welcoming when others talk to you?
  • Do you smile and enjoy conversations when given the opportunity?
  • Do you try to make a difference every day?

These are just three questions you can keep in the back of your mind when wanting to improve your attitude. You can also ask them to yourself during an interview to help you stay calm and relaxed. This way you can give them the best impression of who you are and how you work hard to be kind, positive, and relatable.

Now, lets land that job!

With all of this information, you’re now ready to land the job you’ve been waiting for. Your positive attitude towards this opportunity will help you fine-tune your resume and cover letter perfectly. It will make the interview “nerves” not as bad and it will give you the confidence you need to be successful.

Your attitude overall will help you nail interviews, get great connections, and prepare you for the hard moments when it comes to your career. It keeps your outlook positive during stressful events and maybe even when you don’t land that job you applied for. With life though, comes failure, but with a good attitude, nothing can stop you from accomplishing your career goals.

Because your attitude is the key to your success and always will be when it comes to landing your dream job!