You Must Improve Your Hiring Process in This Tight Market

hiring process

At the halfway point in 2018, I have noticed several reoccurring themes, some spilling over from 2016 and 2017. The most glaring trend my team and I have noticed is the urgent need for permanent maintenance and reliability personnel. It’s safe to say every company I am working with has had a need for an I&C, reliability, or maintenance professionals throughout the first half of the year.

This is becoming more important as candidates with this skillset are in high demand and are earning larger salaries. Here are a couple situations that illustrate how you must improve your hiring process in this tight job market.

It’s a candidate-driven market

The first situation I want to share involves a mining organization that specializes in industrial minerals in a very remote area. After a week of searching, I found an outstanding Reliability Engineer who met every qualification and was excited about the opportunity. I knew the candidate was entertaining several different job opportunities and wouldn’t be on the market long.

I encouraged the hiring manager to move quickly as they arranged interviews and onsite visits. After three interviews in a four-week span, he has presented a generous offer. One day after the offer was received, my candidate received another job offer with a total compensation of about $40k more from a competitor. I have seen companies engage in a bidding war over a candidate before but never anything of this magnitude! The market for skilled technical leaders appears to be at an all-time high.

You must speed up your hiring process

In another instance, a different organization I work with reached out to me in critical need of an I&E Manager. I knew this position was of great importance after discussing it with the hiring managers. As I began my search, most candidates I spoke with were being heavily recruited by multiple organizations and asking for base salaries well over the current “market average.”

I submitted three candidates for the role I&E Manager position. They interviewed two of the candidates I submitted and selected one for an onsite visit. The candidate I presented made an outstanding impression on the hiring managers; he received a verbal offer directly after the interview and a written offer later for $13k higher than expected. The whole process took a total of two weeks from submittal to offer. As you can image, both the candidate and company are ecstatic with the result!

Let’s work together

This year I have noticed companies raising their salary ranges and speeding up their hiring process as the market for top-talent tightens. With an unemployment rate of 3.8%, this trend isn’t ending anytime soon. If you are a mining professional, whether in maintenance or not, I would love to have a conversation with you. And if you’re a hiring manager who understands the market and has a need for talent, let’s connect and discuss how I can bring professions to your organization.