How To Show You’re A Culture Fit During An Interview

culture fit

It’s no secret that employers are placing an emphasis on hiring for culture fit. Many companies emphasize the culture fit over hard skills, and they are looking for people to add value to their current teams. Because it’s so important, you must prepare to clearly demonstrate your culture fit during the interview. Focus on these 4 things and your personality will shine through.

Do Your Research

Before you can show you’re a culture fit for a company, you first need to understand what their culture is! Before your interview, explore their website. Find their mission statement, and try to get a feel for how they do business. Look at their social media to pick up hints about their dress code, and the general personality of the office. Still feeling unsure? Don’t be afraid to ask your recruiter if there’s anything you should know about the company culture! The fact that you’re asking demonstrates your interest in truly understanding the company and team.

Be Yourself

For a long time, it was believed that you should be strictly professional during an interview (read: a robot). Luckily, Hiring Manager’s are moving beyond that and they want to know about who you are as a whole person, not just an employee. Show your enthusiasm, discuss aspects of the job that you’re most passionate about, and throw in a few relatable tidbits.

Show Off Your Soft Skills

Companies want to know that you will fit in with the existing team, so personality traits such as self-motivation, teamwork, and a positive attitude are high on their “must-have” list. To learn more about how to highlight your soft skills during an interview, hop over to our blog post here.

Relate To Your Interviewer

While you’re doing your pre-interview research, check out the interviewer’s LinkedIn profile and look for commonalities. Did you go to the same school? Did you both work retail jobs early in your career? Maybe you even have a few connections in common. If you can relate to the employer on a personal level, it will leave an impression that lasts long after you’ve walked out the door.