Three Must-Have Skills Necessary to be Successful in the IT Field

The IT industry is continuously evolving, especially within the banking and financial services industry. IT and Banking are both heavily influenced by the economy and today’s younger generation. The demand for instant results and greater access to banking at consumers’ fingertips is in high demand.

These are the skill-sets necessary to have a successful career in the IT world within the financial services industry.

Flexibility and adaptability

This is a crucial part of the IT industry. Since the digital age is upon us, IT professionals need to be able to adapt quickly to changes and have the vision for what the future looks like. Since consumers are driving the change. According to, “72% of Millennial consumers are optimistic about tech advancements in banking, saying they will positively impact their relationships with banks by 2020.”

Young adults’ demand for more technological integration into the banking and financial landscape, since it is constantly changing the IT environment. If you are not flexible and ready for change, you will be left in the dust.

Deliver multi-channel integration

Gone are the days where customers are forced to use multiple channels to complete any transaction with their bank. Year’s ago if a consumer needed to make a deposit, they would have to visit a branch or drive to an ATM. And if they wanted to check their balance they would have to call customer service. However, nowadays institutions are making it easier for consumers to complete most transactions online or within the branch, AKA establishing a multi-channel integration.

User experience is very heavily weighted on the accommodation and accessibility of the banking institution. Having multi-channel integration is a cost-effective way for banks to allow the necessary accessibility for its consumers. If IT professionals are unable to offer new interactions for consumers, they will leave for another bank, that makes their lives more convenient.


PMP- Project Management Professional

This certification is transferable across all industries. In a recent survey, the PMP certification was regarded as the highest paying certification. Recipients make on average of 15% more than someone without their PMP.

CISSP- Certified Information Systems Security Professional

This certification is listed as the third highest paying certifications in IT. Security and risk management are one of the biggest threats to banks these days. Organizations want to hire IT personnel that will help ensure the safety and protection of consumer’s information.

CISA- Certified Information Systems Auditor

The average salary for CISA holders is $106k. The CISA certification is often mandatory in the IT sector; hiring managers are interested in candidates that can assess and prevent potential risks.  With recent data breaches in organizations across the board, hiring managers want to ensure their IT candidates have their privacy protection in their best interest.

As IT professions grow in all fields, especially banking and financial services, it’s important to remember how impactful these jobs are. These positions are changing the job landscape because of our reliance on computers and technology. If IT is something you’re passionate about, there are tons of different opportunities for you. Specifically, with the banking and financial services field.