Details: Why the Little Things Matter in the Job Process

Paying attention to details can make or break your chances of landing the position you’re applying for. So, making sure you’re detail-oriented during this process is super important. With these tips, we will help you learn how to show hiring managers you’re a great fit for their open position.

Tailor your resume and application

When applying for jobs, especially when you are desperately in need of one, you sometimes forget about the importance of making things unique. And this is a detail mistake everyone has made before. But now, it’s time to learn how paying attention to the small things will make a world of difference.

Tailoring your resume and application for every position you’re applying for will help managers see and want to look over your application. While these changes may seem like small unimportant details, they could be the difference between you landing the job or never being seen in the first place. We all sometimes forget how important the small things can be to achieving our goals.

And when it comes to applying for jobs, you need to ensure you’re paying attention and putting your best effort into everything you submit. Because your end goal is landing the job.

Do your Homework on the Company

This should just be common sense… But you can’t just skim over this part of the interview process. You will be asked questions about the company, and they won’t all be easy. If anything, they will be difficult because they want to ensure you’re a good company fit, but also that you care enough to ensure you did your research.

Taking the time to look over every detail of the company will help you tremendously. Like looking up recent awards they have won, who their CEO is, how their company culture is, all of these will prove you mean business and it will help you know if this is the right company for you, too.

Dress for Success

We always get a lot of questions about how you should dress for an interview. And the answer is, always dress for success. Being more dressed up is always better than being too dressed down. You look more professional and it shows your intentions. It proves that you’re wanting to give a good impression and that you really want the job.

Dressing up for interviews is simple: wear something you feel confident in that also makes you look professional. Short skirts or jeans probably aren’t the best route to go… But a nice dress with a blazer, or slacks, a button up shirt and tie, really show your initiative.

Send Thank You Notes

If there is one detail that many people always forget it’s this one. Sending thank you notes is an interview changer. And it can really set you apart from other candidates. Especially, if you all have a lot of the same great credentials. So, make sure that you help yourself stand out!

Do your due diligence after the interview and send each individual you met with a thank you note. Make sure you make them unique and thank them for something they specifically did in the interview or interview process. If you don’t have their emails you can always send a hand-written note to their office.

Paying attention to this detail will help you land that job because you went out of your way to thank those for their time, individually. It helps show what kind of person you are and again, reiterates how much you’d love the opportunity to work with them and their company.

Remembering that details are important during the job-hunting process will get you hired. And if you keep that in mind every time your prospecting for new positions you’ll have a lot more offers to choose from!