What to Do When the Smoke Clears In Your Career


For notorious reasons, this time of year is known as ‘Fire Season.’ There have been over 5.1 million acres burned thus far in 2018. In my lovely state of Washington, 891 fires have raged thus far, burning over 113,00 acres. Where I live (Spokane), the air quality has been entering in and out of the “Very Unhealthy” range for several weeks. And it’s also reached “Hazardous” levels according to the Air Quality Index. Thankfully, a combination of wind and rain has cleaned our air, allowing us to finally glimpse the clean and beautiful blue sky.

When it comes to the job market, the Third Quarter is a notorious time of the year for organizations to start moving and shaking. Much like the fires that have ravaged the country, employees are busy putting out fires in the workplace. And as a result, leading many to be seeking new opportunities, whether it be passively or actively.

You are your greatest asset

Prior to joining Johnson Search Group, I experienced a layoff during the holiday season. It was devastating. Rightfully so. It’s always a shock to hear that a company is moving on, even if you’re lucky enough to see it coming. Finding yourself without any irons in the fire or next career steps can be daunting. Keep calm, stay indoors, and breath deep.

The greatest tool you have in your box post-position is YOU and your network. Realizing this will quickly get you back onboard with another company that deserves to have your passion, experience, and knowledge. Once you’ve realized your own self-worth, dig deeper into your toolbox and utilize the myriad of job boards, references, and literal production tools to secure your next opportunity. LinkedIn is a fantastic outlet to help secure the next step in your career path.

Many candidates I come across are fortunate enough to have employment but are incredibly unhappy in their current role/position. This unhappiness happens because of burnout. Whether it’s a result of being overworked, company re-alignment, or the lack of fulfillment from one’s current role.

Let a recruiter reignite your career

For many job seekers, getting back on track and realizing one’s goals can be a daunting task. Sometimes it takes a team to smother the blaze and a timely wind to clear the haze. Utilizing a recruiter typically isn’t something that crosses the minds of most seeking new employment; however, working with a recruiter has immense benefits.

As this job market continues to heat up, its just as important for candidates to find the right role for them as it is for employers to land the right candidate. Having someone who is deeply entrenched in your market and profession, representing you to companies you may not even know are looking, maybe the exact thing that gets you to the next great opportunity.

Plenty of things are burning these months, days, sometimes at both ends. Keeping your head up is the only way you can guarantee you’ll land the next opportunity once the smoke clears.