I Heart Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW)!


Dallas/Fort Worth

I am so excited to be recruiting solely in the Dallas/Fort Worth market! What’s not to love? You’ve got the Cowboys, a healthy thriving economy, near perfect weather for year-round outdoor adventures, and let’s not forget that it’s home of the oh-so-cherished frozen margarita machine… Just sayin’.

What has really captured my heart about the DFW area is the people. I am always amazed at how friendly everyone I talk to is. You are what makes my job so fun! And you’re the reason I am here to help bring the best talent from your market into your organizations.

The Dallas/Fort Worth market is hot

Okay, so we have already covered that fact that Dallas/Fort Worth and the surrounding cities are top-notch. But have you looked outside to see how booming your economy is?! I am blown away. Employment rose by 8,280 jobs in Dallas and 970 in Fort Worth last month. Those are HUGE numbers and they aren’t looking like they are plateauing anytime soon. The job market continues to be tight, and let’s face it, there are more jobs than people to fill them and the candidate pool is getting shallow.

Don’t get discouraged though; there is absolutely NO need for your organization to fill up your critical roles with candidates that don’t check off your boxes or that merely have “potential.” *I hate that word* I am building relationships with highly qualified candidates DAILY in your market that are passively looking to make a move which means that you’ll not see their resume cross your desk. Let me couple my slight obsession with DFW with your need to populate your organization with rockstar producers, leadership, and support. Let’s get you ready for an even better 2019!

Let’s make this happen together

Unemployment continues to drop and roles need to be filled. I get it, using a recruiter might sound like a weird option if you’ve never done it. Let’s say you have, maybe you have been burned by a recruiter in the past. Well, I can put your mind at ease by telling you that that is not me. I am not that person that will take your money and leave your role open

I’m not even the recruiter that will just throw a bunch of resumes across your desk just to fill a position. I find, vet (3 times in fact), and submit only those candidates you’re truly looking for. The last thing you want to do is burn out tenured employees by having them fill in for open positions when I am here to help add value to your institution.