The Future of Mining: 4th Quarter and Beyond

future of mining

It’s been quite an exciting year so far in the mining industry. We have seen West Texas and the Permian Basin blow up as prime real estate for Frac companies. We’ve seen mines and mills reopen across the country and a documented 55,000 new jobs created this year alone in the mining industry.

Recruiting in mining and heavy industrial gives me a unique perspective on things. While I’m not in a mine every day like some of my candidates, I get to experience industry trends. I hear first-hand from candidates and hiring managers on their wants, needs, and changes within their organization.

The future of mining

The most significant trend I’ve noticed throughout the year is the growing number of mining jobs. With more mining jobs being created, the talent market begins to tighten. And companies that aren’t preparing to follow this trend are finding it harder and harder to attract top talent. I have witnessed first-hand candidates receiving significantly higher salaries for the same positions than previous years.

Progressive companies are landing candidates by noticing these trends and going after the candidates they desperately need. I have also seen companies take months to extend offers to candidates, and as a result, they seem to be consistently losing out on the best candidates on the market.

This year has flown by, but it’s not too late for companies to adapt to fast-pace hiring. In fact, during the Fourth Quarter, this is an ideal time for organizations to change hiring processes to match the competing companies and start preparing for 2019. The mining industry added over 106,000 jobs since October 2016, and by the looks of things, it doesn’t appear mining and heavy industrial companies will be slowing down anytime soon. As I wrap up a few continuous improvement engineering positions, I can’t help but urge employers to reduce downtime in their hiring process in an effort to boost their overall production.

If your organization needs help finding talent in this tight market, let’s have a conversation. I can help your team find the qualified candidate you need to finish the year off strong.