Why You Can’t Wait to Interview Candidates in Today’s Job Market


In the world of career changes, the first step of course: resume submission. Second is the decision by the hiring manager to interview, followed by an actual interview. However, there is often a delay in scheduling interviews when a hiring manager is swamped while doing double duty to fill-in for the open role.

That has always been a challenge, but fast forward to the candidate-driven market of 2018 (that promises to continue in 2019), and the time to fill ratio gets even worse; after all, you can’t hire someone you haven’t even interviewed, right?

Your interviewing process must be efficient

When the applicant pool is already minuscule, how do you plan ahead for possible interviews when you aren’t even sure you’re going to get qualified applicants to consider? When there are fewer candidates to select from, the luxury of being able to take your time doesn’t exist anymore. Hiring managers can no longer plan an ‘interview day’ to knock out all your interviews in a single day.

If that is a policy that your organization still employs, you will likely have as much chance of winning the lottery as hiring an A+ level candidate.

What may happen when you take your time interviewing

First, you could get lucky and have a candidate who will accept no substitutes, they just have to work for you, and will wait as long as it takes… I would suggest buying a lottery ticket instead.

Second, you call to schedule the interview and they have taken another position.

Third, you finally schedule the first phone interview and the candidate tells you they already have an offer from another company. So, unless you want to hire them over the phone, they are going to accept the other offer… a bird in the hand after all.

Fourth, you start the interview process and you get to the point of the onsite interview. And then you find out that you are in a salary bidding war with one or two other companies. If you had the budget to operate in this capacity, you likely would have hired a firm like Johnson Search Group to do a Retained Search and already had the position filled and been able to take that much-needed vacation.

Fifth, you could finally get through the whole lengthy process as time allows, make an offer, and either get a turndown, or the candidate just doesn’t show up for their first day. After all, you didn’t show them any respect by putting them off continuously.

Urgency is key in today’s market

Or, you could do what you need to in this market and schedule interviews as soon as humanly possible. If you actually want a chance to fill your open roles with A-level candidates and get the help that you need and deserve, you must act with urgency. If you want your candidates to remain excited about the opportunity of working for you, in the infamous words of Nike, Just Do It!