What Four Words Govern Your Attitude?


Are you a glass half empty kind of person, or a glass half full? There are literally thousands of books, articles, blogs, posts, memes, songs, videos, etc. written about motivation and attitude. And the subject can get tiring for some. But to excel in this fast-paced world of career advancement that I live as a recruiter, it’s one that must continuously be explored and redefined.

Attitude is everything

Your attitude will define your future success, as it is the core of self-motivation. And yes, while many may say that no one else can control it, the attitude and behavior of others will affect your ability to lead and perform. I’ve heard that you’re the only one who controls how you feel and respond, but how often do we get ‘tanked’ or ‘derailed’ by something that another person does, whether it be a co-worker, a supervisor, or a loved one? Yes, we do choose how we respond. However, unless you’re a robot, it’s impossible for other’s actions and behaviors not to color our attitude, and therefore, performance as that is a springboard for our responses.

Find what motivates you

How do we insulate ourselves from derailment? How do we ‘reset’ after every disappointment or failure? It’s certainly a challenge, but you can overcome this by preparing for success. To do so, you must identify your core drive. What is your ‘one thing’ that is the key to your motivation? What is the one thing that can drown out the negative in your day?

There is an entertaining series of movies with Billie Crystal called City Slickers where the main character, a marketing executive, is miserable in life. Basically, he has lost his way. Curly, played by Jack Palance is a weather-beaten cowboy who becomes his guide back to realizing what’s important. His message is that everyone has “the one thing” that is the key to your own success or failure. What is your one thing? Have you taken the time to know what makes you tick; what floats your boat?

So where do you begin? My best suggestion for a starting point is the realization that many of our attitudes derive from four-word phrases. And in these short phrases, identifying what is the most common thread that you associate with, can speak volumes to your attitude and whether you need a mental ‘reset.’ What’s the first thing that crosses your mind in a tough situation, can do or can’t do? Are you naturally more half empty or half full?

Half empty:

  • I can’t start today
  • I don’t know how
  • I don’t like change
  • I can’t do it

Half full:

  • I can start now
  • I will be successful
  • I will embrace change
  • I can do it

Your attitude is up to you

If you’re a half empty kind of person, you can become a half full kind of person; however, it’ll take focus, hard work, and a conscious choice to be a better you. Do you want to experience the success that others seem to enjoy? What better time than now, when we are wrapping up 2018 and ready to take on the new year. You can make all the New Year’s resolutions you want, but your promises to yourself need to come with a positive attitude, a desire to learn, and the starting point of accurate self-assessment.

Is this the new year where you embrace the new you? Make it happen for 2019!