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Does Experience and Knowledge Outweigh Passion and Dedication?


When it comes to landing the best candidates on the market, the first thing that comes to mind is… Are they qualified? Do they check all the boxes? Do they have these many years of experience? These things are important, but does it mean just because someone meets all your requirements, are they going to be the best person for the job? Not necessarily.

Everything looks good on paper

You get this resume and from the looks of it, they have EVERYTHING you’re looking for. They check “all the boxes” in your mind and you cannot wait to interview them. I mean, you get really excited, this person is “THE ONE”! You call them up and they do not answer, so you leave a message letting them know who you are, how impressed you are with their resume, and to call you back because you want to interview them. A day goes by and they haven’t returned your call; two days go by and still nothing… the third day they FINALLY call you back. You start to get excited again because you remember all their experience and qualification.

You start talking to them and asking your usual questions. They answer them with flying colors, they really seem to know the industry, they have years of experience in this particular field, they check ALL the boxes. You hang up the phone and are really perplexed, with all the experience and knowledge they have, why are you no longer that excited about them? You decide to have an onsite interview because remember they are the perfect candidate on paper. They arrive onsite and you notice they are lacking something. You soon realize the experience and knowledge they have just might not be enough.

It’s not always about experience

Now let’s take someone fresh out of college; they chose their profession for a reason. They worked extremely hard, learned a lot, and are excited to finally begin their journey in the business world. They send out their resumes and get passed up due to lack of experience and knowledge. Someone decides to take a chance on them and schedules an interview. The company does not have high expectations, but when they show up, they have “it.”

You can hear the passion and excitement in the way they answer the questions; there is nothing holding them back and they want to prove to everyone that they are going to be great! You realize there may be a little more training you will have to do, but sometimes it is worth it. These individuals are hungry. They are eager to learn and get to work. Their passion drives them. The last thing they want to do is let you or themselves down.

Find the diamond in the rough

I am not saying experience and knowledge is not a great attribute to have but make sure you do not miss the opportunity for your diamond in the rough by overlooking the inexperienced. If you do not a take a chance, someone else will, and you will likely be missing out on a great candidate!