Let’s Put an Even Bigger Emphasis on Safety This Winter


Winter won’t officially begin until December 21st. However, it’s already that time of the year when mining and heavy industrial professionals need vigilantly follow ALL safety practices with the goal to make it through the most hazardous time of the year accident-free.

Below are a handful of helpful reminders to help you get through the season safely:

Preventive Maintenance on Mobile Equipment

Make sure you have proper tires and tire pressure, reduce idling time, and regularly monitor for exhaust leaks. Never use an open flame to heat components and make sure only trained staff members are operating the equipment.

Limited Visibility

There are many factors that can decrease visibility. Fog, dust, smoke, and snow being the big contributors. Make sure to keep speeds down and allow more space between vehicles to give you more time to react to unforeseen hazards in your path.

Methane Gas Buildup in Underground Mines

Methane gas moves more easily throughout the mine due to the lower winter barometric pressure. Coal dust in the atmosphere mixed with the methane gas can cause an explosion. Make sure you know your ventilation plan, maintain it diligently, and liberally apply rock dust.

Slippery Walkways and Haulage Roads

Remove snow/ice and apply sand to maintain traction and reduce the chance of slips and falls. Be sure to take your time when walking or traveling on slippery surfaces.

Safe work is Great Work

At JSG, our safety slogan is “Safe Work is Great Work.” And as a recruiter in the mining and heavy industrial space, I understand the importance of safety for every organization. However, many safety hazards, especially the ones highlighted above, are even more dangerous this time of year. If you are unsure about any additional winter season safety practices at your facility, please see your safety officer immediately and be safe. Have a safe holiday season!