Ghostbusting – How To Avoid A Candidate Ghosting You


Have you ever been in contact with someone, whether over email or over the phone, that seemed to suddenly fall off the face of the earth? A conversation that could have spanned days abruptly ends unannounced and unresolved. This situation becomes even more frustrating when the person who went dark was a potential candidate.

Managers all over the country are dealing with ghosting from candidates or employees, who no-show at interviews or their first day of work in favor of other career opportunities. The Washington Post published an article on the matter last month, sharing a 10-20 percent increase in ghosting over the past year. Clearly, this is a problem affecting all kinds of businesses, all around the country. So why has ghosting become so common, and what can employers do to not get left in the dark?

Quick Response Time

Currently, there are more jobs available than there are people unemployed in the United States. This surplus of opportunities gives candidates the edge when job searching. With so many options, it’s important to act quickly to stand out and attract potential hires. If a candidate ghosts you, chances are they were given another offer and accepted it. They may have the attention of so many organizations, their ghosting may not even be intentional.

On top of acting quickly, discuss the timeline from interview to hire with the candidate. And stick to it. If you let them know you’ll be reaching out in three days, respond in less than three days. A clear timeframe decreases your chances of this happening and potentially anxious candidate will really appreciate that.

Never Forget

Unfortunately, if you continue to reach out to someone you interviewed only to receive no response, it’s time to accept that you have been ghosted. This is unfortunate for several reasons. You have invested time into a candidate that will not be joining your team, leaving you with a still-vacant position. Which reminds you time is precious. and if you don’t spend it more productively, attending to other needs in the company, working on other positions, or finding a candidate who’s the right fit, you’ll struggle. (And maybe even lose some great employees along the way!)

While we can’t change the outcome, we can still learn from it. With employers reporting increased rates of ghosting, there are bound to be repeat offenders. Keep a record of any candidates or employees that disappear without a conversation. While their resume may not cross your desk again, other managers in the company may not be aware of a person’s reputation for ghosting. By flagging a name for ghosting, you could be saving someone else time, which saves the company money.

Additionally, partner with a recruiter to find your next impact employee. The established connections that we have, along with the exclusivity of our candidates allows us to keep you up to date on a candidate’s movements throughout the entire hiring process!