Team: How to be a Great Leader and Team Player

team player

When you’re in a leadership role, it’s important to lead by example. And there is a BIG difference between being a boss and being a leader who cares about their employees. In other words, being a team player is one of the most important things you need to be if you want to lead your team to great success.

Here are some tips that will remind you why (and how) being a team player will make you a great leader.

Build your team up

As a leader in any type of company, your priority is your team. Whether you have 1 or 100 team members, you’re there to build them up and help them be as successful as possible. And this can be a daunting task. It’s a lot of pressure knowing you’re the one person who will be responsible for the failure. However, when things are good, your department’s success is often pushed back to your team members when earned. It sometimes can be a thankless job but building up your team will help you realize that’s the true gift.

Lead by example

If you’re wanting to be a team player and a great leader you need to lead by example. As a person in leadership/management, you’re looked up to. What you do and the importance you put on being a good example will, in turn, help your employee’s do the same. If they see your passion and want for success because you are doing it they are likely to follow that example.

Positive reinforcement over negative

Many studies have shown how important it is to show positive reinforcement in the workplace. It reminds people that good deeds equate to acknowledgment and that mess-ups, all though will receive reprimand won’t define them and their career. Positive reinforcement over negative only brings more positivity into a work environment which is important. You never know how these little things can add up big time for your employees.

Hold your team accountable

As someone in a leadership role, to be a team player you not only have to hold yourself accountable, but you also need to hold your team accountable. Goals that are set at the beginning of the year are important. And if forgotten about or they are not being pushed, it can leave your team feeling unaccomplished and that they left opportunity on the table. By holding them accountable every single day, they are reminded about their commitments and the importance of them. When you set goals, they are there to push you but overall, they are there to be accomplished. But without accountability, we get lazy and you’re the forefront of keeping your team from doing that!

Give credit to your team

Always give credit where credit is due. As a team player, that is one thing they will always do. Even if they did a lot of the work themselves, they go over and beyond to give others the credit. And if you do this as a leader, you will not only have a team that will support and follow you, you’ll have a team that respects and trusts your decisions. And quite honestly, that is irreplaceable in the working environment.

Being a leader and team player go hand and hand. Supporting more than yourself in your career will get you so much farther and your employees will probably agree!