The Reasons Why You Probably Didn’t Get Hired

The Reasons Why You Probably Didn't Get Hired

So, you just got off the phone with the business or organization you’d been applying to. The hiring manager explains that the company is going to go in a different direction. You feel your stomach drop and realize that it’s back to the job boards, and your search for a new job continues. It’s easy to become discouraged following this event, especially if it isn’t the first rejection you’ve faced so far.

While it may feel far from it, you did several things right to get this far. Someone reviewed your resume and deemed it impressive enough to follow up with you. You may have passed an initial phone screening to get to the interview itself. But somewhere between the inception of the interview and the phone call you received, the employer decided to go elsewhere. Here are a few possible reasons why.

The Basics

You could have simply messed up in a very basic (and easily fixable) way. Things, like being late to an interview or forgetting to bring required items, will almost always disqualify a candidate. An interview is meant to showcase your strengths, not highlight unpreparedness by leaving your resume at home. You could have missed the mark on the dress code or been unable to answer questions pertinent to working in the industry.

Failing to do your research on a company beforehand is a clear red flag to the hiring manager. They will almost always hire the candidate that is best prepared for the job and is able to prove it in the interview. Your body language could have betrayed you, and your mindless fidgeting you didn’t even notice in the interview told the hiring manager you’d be easily distracted. You could have been perfect throughout, except for a key area that ultimately is the reason you stay job hunting. Talking poorly about a past employer, or even asking about the salary can also prevent you from getting that callback.

Diving Deeper

If you didn’t get hired for one of the reasons listed above, don’t worry because these are easy fixes. We have written tons of articles from what to wear to an interview, to all the things you need to do before it. But, you could have done all the basics right and still not gotten hired. Sometimes, hiring managers can dive deep into our resumes, applications, and interviews and find something that prevents them from hiring you.

Ensure that all public social media profiles are professional, whether that be reviewing tagged photos or reading through old posts. Depending on your background, experience, and resume, a hiring manager may make inferences about your desired career and future. If you have gaps in your resume or have been employed multiple places in a short amount of time, be prepared to provide a further explanation during the interview.

At the end of the day, keep your head up, review the basics, and do your homework. If you steer clear from the mistakes outlined above, you’ll nail that next interview and get hired in no time!