How to Spring Clean Your Resume

spring clean your resume

Yesterday was the first day of Spring. The weather is finally starting to get nicer and the last few days of winter seem to be behind us. Many of us start doing a little Spring cleaning in our yards or cleaning out our closets. Before you kick your shoes off and start relaxing, why not give that resume a little Spring cleaning, too?

After all, a resume, like many of our garages or bedrooms, need a good deep cleaning at least once a year! It can be difficult to remember every single accomplishment, achievement, or duties. And if you keep pushing it off, it will only get more and more difficult. So, here’s how you can roll up your sleeves and Spring clean your resume.

Review your work history

There’s a debate with how far back you should go with your career history. Some people recommend only including the most recent 10 to 15 years of work experience of your career. However, you could be missing out on some vital work experience if you limit your resume to only 10 years!

As long as it’s relevant to the job your applying for, it’s safe to keep that work history on your resume. For example, if you’re well into your career, you may be able to take off that summer job you had while in school. However, if the position provides value to your resume, it’s probably safe to leave on. But don’t just hack away at your work experience just to cut down your resume.

The rule of the one-page resume is dead, and if you try to limit yourself to one page, you may be doing yourself an injustice.

Have a clean and simple design

Have you ever looked at someone else’s resume and thought to yourself, “why would you do that?” A resume is your first impression; it’s your interview before your first interview! You don’t want to scare someone off by having an exotic or goofy resume.

Here’s the best advice I can offer you: keep it simple, stupid. Forget all of that fancy font, wacky color schemes, and graphics. Don’t add a headshot of yourself on your resume. Avoid using custom bullet points and any other strange formatting. All of these things are honestly just distractions from your great skills and qualifications. So, don’t weed yourself out by trying to create a work of art. Keep it simple and keep it clean.

Don’t forget to review it!

And after you’ve finished your final tweaks and adjustments, don’t forget to review your resume! Don’t let a grammatical or spelling mistake prevent you from landing that dream job. Print out your resume and read it out loud. You would be surprised with what you’ll find when you physically hold that resume in your hands and read it out loud.

Sometimes you’ll catch mistakes just by looking at it on a piece of paper versus staring at a screen. And always have someone else review it. Everyone has that friend who is a self-proclaimed grammar stickler. Put their skills to the test and have them take a peek at your resume! Your future self will thank you.

You may not even find a mistake, but I guarantee you’ll find a better way to word a bullet point or sentence that makes your resume flow better.

And now that you know how to Spring clean your resume, check out our jobs board if you’re ready to make a career move.