There’s Still Time to Get Your Goals Back on Track


As we close the door on winter and look towards spring, where do you stand with what you wanted to accomplish in 2019? Whether this was a New Year’s Resolution or a sales projection, are you on track to accomplish what you set to do at the beginning of the year? How do you monitor this progress, and if you’re behind, how do you get back on track?


The most important way to track our goals is through benchmarking. Benchmarks are smaller goals on the path to your overall goal and are your best indicators of progress. They must be quantifiable and divided over multiple increments of time. For example, if you wanted to lose 60 pounds over the course of the year, you could set benchmarks of losing 5 pounds at the end of each month. Same goes for business. If you projected half a million dollars in sales for the year, one might benchmark sales of roughly $42,000 per month.

While it can seem repetitive to create smaller sets of goals for the larger task you wish to conquer, their ultimate purpose is to make goals easier to tackle. Sometimes the overall goal has numerous parts or is so big it’s difficult to assess any progress. By breaking them down into smaller, more manageable pieces, we can do a better job at assessing what to change.

Getting Back on Track

If you find yourself slipping on your path to accomplishing a goal, don’t worry. If making a significant change or taking on a challenge was easy, that would defeat the purpose of goals. Remind yourself that this is an ongoing, continuous process. Focus your attention on the next benchmark, whether that comes tomorrow, next week, or next month is specific to you.

If you become discouraged, remind yourself why you started. And don’t be afraid to adapt! It’s okay to expand on a goal, especially if over a long period of time. New information may become known or your outlook may shift midway through your journey. Just ensure you evaluate your original goal, why you set it, and that this new outlook doesn’t derail your original positive intentions.