Sending Out Resumes But Not Getting Interviews?


Have you been applying for jobs that you may be qualified for but not receiving any calls for interviews? Do you have the right skills that are listed on the job description?

Almost every company that you apply online to uses an ATS system that looks for specific keywords. If you don’t have these in the body of your resume, it will likely be rejected without an HR professional or hiring manager even seeing your resume.

Use keywords to your advantage

For example, I am currently working on several IT positions. The client is specifically looking for analysts that are skilled in certain modules of Epic. If you only have the word Epic on your resume but not the specific modules you are skilled in, you’ll more than likely not be receiving a call from HR. I was talking with this candidate and asked them what modules of Epic they either had certifications in or had more than 2 years’ experience. They stated which modules they knew and I then asked why they didn’t include them on their resume. They stated, “Well, I have Epic. Isn’t that good enough?” No, it’s not!

Your resume is your avenue to sell your skills and your abilities to advance your career. List your skills and certifications. Remember to add your title behind your name if you have a degree. You earned that title! And if you have any certifications, such as SPHR or CBCS, don’t forget to add those, too! These make you even more valuable to hiring managers and HR professionals.

Illustrate you’ll be there for the long haul

The days of the one-page resume are long gone so when you’re listing your previous jobs also include the month with the year as it will show longevity. That’s one thing that employers look at as well. If you have several short-term jobs, unless they were contracting opportunities, you may be perceived as a “job hopper” and some employers will not take a chance on you. In this tight market, many employers fear new candidates won’t stick around for the long haul. If you’ve been in contract roles, make sure that you’re putting “contract” or “completed contract” after the company name.

As a recruiter, I am your best advocate when presenting you to a prospective employer. The relationships I have with my clients and the understanding of what they’re looking for will help you in your search. If you’re finding yourself not getting scheduled for interviews to the roles you’re applying for, let’s have a conversation and work together to help find you your next opportunity.