2nd Quarter Roundup: It Remains A Tight Job Market

Can you believe that we are already halfway through the year? It’s officially summer and just like the weather, employers are feeling the blaze of today’s job market. While not as strong as the First Quarter, the job market in Q2 experienced steady growth. The unemployment rate has been hovering between 3.6 and 3.7 percent, a near 50-year low. Moreover, June was officially the 105th consecutive month of job gains with an impressive 224,000 jobs added.

As a result, staffing firms across the nation are feeling the pressure:

“The Second Quarter brought Johnson Search Group multiple challenges and successes. Not only did we have to find the strong talent our clients needed, but they also had to move swiftly because many candidates have multiple offers. Third Quarter will continue to challenge employers that are looking for qualified talent.” – Perry Paden, Senior Vice President of JSG

There’s still a workforce disparity

The gap between job openings and available workers seeking new employment opportunities is still a headache for most employers. In April 2019, there were 1.63 million more job openings than available workers. In fact, this was the largest gap ever recorded! This predicament is exacerbated by the fact that candidates are now entertaining multiple offers.

Quotes from our industry experts

The market is as tight as it ever has been. We asked our divisional managers here at Johnson Search Group about their thoughts on today’s job market:

“Q2 2019 in the mining industry was busy! Companies are scrambling to find qualified talent. Candidates, who are receiving multiple interviews and offers, are choosing their next move very carefully. This has been an interesting quarter and a challenging one. I can’t wait for Q3!”

“The banking industry is fantastic. Some areas are down a bit, but overall, we are super busy. With the FED’s latest comments, we are excited about the second half of 2019.”

As you can see, the labor market is tight and doesn’t look like it’s cooling down as we enter Q3. Check out our Second Quarter roundup of today’s candidate-driven market and learn a few ways you can navigate it, regardless if you’re an employer or a candidate.


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