Go Gold For Childhood Cancer This Month

Childhood Cancer

As the manager of the healthcare division for Johnson Search Group, I am asked often why we specialize in recruiting in Healthcare and why we are so successful. The answer is simple; it’s because we care about what makes an impact on people and communities. Continuous research, keeping up to date on trends, and more importantly, the people they affect are what gives this department the energy and focus on being simply the best in the industry. One of these subjects is near and dear to my heart because of my own personal experience, childhood cancer.

Now is the perfect time to highlight the tremendous impact our clients and candidates make on those directly affected as September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. In the United States, one child is diagnosed with cancer every 3 minutes. And even if you have not been directly affected by a childhood cancer diagnosis, the struggle has unfortunately become all too prevalent in our modern society.

The Facts About Childhood Cancer

According to recent reports from the American Childhood Cancer Organization, 1 in every 285 children in the US will be diagnosed with cancer before their 20th birthday, and 20% will not survive it. This devastating diagnosis is the number one disease killer of children in the United States today. And for those who do survive, the road ahead is not easy. The National Pediatric Cancer Foundation states that “more than 95% of childhood cancer survivors will have a significant health-related issue by the time they are 45 years of age.”

Childhood Cancer

What Can I Do? 

The first and most important step to assist in making a difference is to get informed. Even with advances in medicine over the years, childhood cancer rates have been rising slightly for the past few decades. It is important to discover the known risk factors and understand how an early diagnosis can improve the chances of cure or remission and increase the odds of survival.

Speaking as someone who partners with rural hospitals throughout the United States, a great way to show your support is through your community. Organize a fundraiser, donate to your preferred local organization, or volunteer your time at your community’s healthcare facility.

From Helpless to Hopeful

As a person who has been touched directly by childhood cancer as I tragically lost my nephew at the very young age of 8 from an inoperable malignant brain tumor; I have learned that through his death, his life can still have meaning. Since then, I’ve found that it is how we choose to educate ourselves and continue to honor and celebrate those who have fought so hard. We can continue to pursue better outcomes through knowledge, preparedness, and resolving to make a positive impact in the name of those lost. Together, we need to keep working until the job is done, to one day find the secret to increase the survivability rate to 100%, or better yet, stop childhood cancer entirely.

For my team, it is the knowledge that every single candidate we place could be that difference, and that means everything.