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Hiring Challenges in the Mining Industry

Over the past decade, the mining industry has faced many challenges. But probably one of the most significant challenges employers are facing today is pitfalls in hiring. Sure, every industry is experiencing difficulties finding the talent they need with a near 50-year low unemployment rate and a record-setting quit rate of 2.4 percent. However, the mining industry is having a particularly difficult time finding candidates to fill their jobs – some of which have vacant positions open for months. Here are three hiring challenges the mining industry is struggling within today’s tight market.

Skills gap

There are tens of thousands of skilled trade job openings in the mining industry. Whether it be electricians, I&E technicians, millwrights, or maintenance mechanics, there are not as many people entering careers in these skilled trade fields. In fact, by 2020, approximately 31 million Baby Boomers will retire from skilled trade positions. As a result of this gap, many employers in this industry will continue to struggle to fill their essential skilled trade positions. So, when you do find a candidate with the skillsets your team needs, you will have to offer them competitive compensation to attract (and retain) them to your organization.

Remote communities

Many mining operations are in remote communities with smaller populations. As a result, it can be challenging to find fresh talent to fill your vacant roles in the mining world. Many of the qualified workers in your community already worked for your operation and may not be interested in returning. Since the skills gap keeps growing, you may need to look outside of your local community to find the talent you need. And that means considering offering relocation packages.

If you are genuinely in need of talent, it may be time to offer a relocation package to those talented workers outside of your community. It may be bringing someone in from another part of your state or across the country. Unfortunately, in this tight market, employers often must look outside their local market to source skilled laborers.

Good candidates are a diamond in the rough

Mining professionals don’t sit at a desk and computer all day – they are out in the field working with their hands. Some of these individuals are working second and third shift, and thus, working odd hours. Sometimes, these individuals are working underground or deep in rural America, where they don’t have access to the internet or technology. Therefore, they may be more challenging to reach on a day-to-day basis. It’s more than likely you won’t find these skilled workers on job boards, LinkedIn, or their resumes floating around online.

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