trick or treat

Trick or Treat: Don’t Be Fooled By Your Candidates

As a hiring manager, you may be surprised by the following statement: October is the busiest month for hiring. Don’t believe us? There are currently 7.1 million job openings across the nation, and according to LinkedIn, October is their highest volume month for new job postings. And with an all-time low unemployment rate, the job market is the busiest it’s been in decades. So, if you’re trying to fill your vacant positions before the end of the year, here are a few tips so you’re not left with a trick instead of a treat.

Improve your hiring process

We say this a lot, and it’s worth mentioning again. As an employer in today’s tight market, you MUST improve your hiring process. Identify inefficiencies in your process and try to mitigate them. Take a 10,000-foot view of your process and see if there is any room for improvements or areas where you can speed things up. You cannot afford to move slowly with an unemployment rate of 3.5 percent. If you take too long, your candidates will simply ghost you and pursue another opportunity.

Eighty-nine percent of hiring managers are currently filling their open positions in less than four weeks. So, if your hiring process (from the first interview to a candidate’s start date) is much longer than this, you will probably experience some hiring hiccups in the Fourth Quarter. Speed up your process and get the candidates you need, or else they’ll find other opportunities.

Set clear expectations for candidates

You never want to spook your candidates away. Be upfront with your candidates from the very beginning, as communication is vital for a successful hire. Let them know what the next steps are and what you need from them throughout your process. Essentially, provide them with a roadmap of what’s expected.

Enlist help from a recruiter

As a hiring manager, you’re busy. You’re trying to finish up ongoing projects before year-end, work on budgets, as well as perform your typical day-to-day job. Let us take some of that stress off of your plate this season by helping you find the talent you need. Partner with a recruiter from Johnson Search Group. We promise to satisfy your candidate sweet tooth and bring you the top talent your team has been craving.