4 Factors to Consider with a Relocation

Being a recruiter in this tight talent market has been a whirlwind! I am seeing a massive need for talent from my clients and other organizations in the market. The unemployment rate is currently sitting at 3.6 percent, and we are experiencing the longest economic expansion in U.S. history.

One of my most rewarding placements this year was my first-ever relocation. When I spoke to my candidate initially, who was in Oklahoma, I asked what his career goals were and if he would be interested in a relocation across the country.

I am not too familiar with the landscape, culture, or communities in Oklahoma; however, my candidate expressed a strong desire to be somewhere that offers a great work-life balance and in an area that provides an exciting outdoor lifestyle for his family.

We understand all the factors in a relocation

Identifying the initial drivers of WHY someone is currently looking to leave their current location is an excellent indication of whether it will be a good opportunity for them. At Johnson Search Group, we pride ourselves in knowing the clients we work with and the communities they operate within. It’s our responsibility to be familiar with the communities, schools in the area, housing market, and other factors that may attract a candidate to that area.

Over 7 million Americans willingly move to further their careers each year. With today’s severe talent shortage, it may be time for your team to consider relocating candidates to fill your open positions. There are four major factors we consider when working with candidates that require a relocation.


Is the candidate willing to move within a reasonable amount of time? Is our client going to move our candidate through the process quickly? Time kills all deals! Relocations are not for everyone. Therefore, we must ensure both our candidates and clients are committed to a relocation to guarantee a successful placement.


Is the family of our candidate on-board with the move? Are there extended family members who would have a say in whether our candidate is going to move, and is the spouse on board as well? Will the spouse also need to find work in the new location? When relocating a candidate, you are often uprooting an entire family. There are countless hurdles due to family we must address before moving candidates through the relocation process.


Is our client willing to pay for a relocation? And is our candidate within the salary range our client is willing to pay? Salary is usually the most significant draw or deal-breaker in a relocation. It can be challenging to navigate the financial aspect of a relocation. The cost of living usually plays a BIG factor in a relocation. That’s why our recruiting team always communicates this with our candidates before we submit them to ensure they understand what they will be making and how much it costs to live in their new home.


Speaking of home, we have to make sure our candidates are on board with the location. We do our due diligence with the information our candidates share to give them the pros and cons of the area. At Johnson Search Group, we always want our candidates to be able to make an educated decision on the opportunity. We never submit a candidate to a job without them being 100% sold on their potential new location.

Let us help with your relocation

At Johnson Search Group, our team of recruiters works with relocations every day. We understand the challenges associated with a relocation and have relocated candidates all across the country. So, if you’re struggling to find candidates in your local talent pool, give us a call. We can discuss what a relocation can look like for your organization and how to successfully recruit candidates outside of your market. Or if you are a candidate looking to make a move to a new location, check out our job board. We have hundreds of opportunities across the U.S. that may be a perfect fit for you!