choose between great candidates

How to Choose Between Great Candidates

With a quit rate of 2.3 percent, you may be receiving several great candidates for your roles. On the flip side, they’ll also be receiving multiple offers, so it’s essential that you hire quickly. But if you have two (or more) great candidates, how do you choose which one will be the next member of your team? Here are a few tips on how to choose between great candidates.

Consider the Future

When comparing candidate qualifications, it can be challenging to determine who would be a better fit. While one candidate may be strong in one area, the other may be strong in another. So instead of comparing apples to oranges, think about the future of your company and department. Envision how you want this role to evolve over time and contribute to long-term company goals. Does one candidate have skills that will be a better fit for future needs?

Compare Culture Fit

Culture fit is a huge component of hiring these days. When trying to decide who you should hire, try to picture how they will fit in with your entire team. Do they have a similar working style to other team members? Are their goals aligned with your company’s vision and mission? And if all else fails, are they someone you and your other team members would enjoy spending time around? Sometimes, these traits are significantly more valuable than minute differences in hard skills when trying to choose between two qualified candidates.

Discuss the Offer

One of the great things about working with Johnson Search Group to hire your next team member is that we close our candidates at every stage. So when you extend an offer to one of our candidates, you can rest assured that they will most likely accept! If you’re navigating the recruiting process on your own, don’t be afraid to ask your candidates questions to assess their commitment to the potential of working with your organization. For example, “Is there anything holding you back from accepting an offer from us if we were to extend one?” Getting answers like this from your candidates will help you understand which one is the right fit for your team.