Don’t Hire For Culture Fit, Do This Instead

Don’t Hire For Culture Fit, Do This Instead

For years, it has been trendy to hire for culture fit. Culture fit is loosely defined as when “employees’ beliefs and behaviors are in alignment with their employer’s core values and company culture.” Companies ventured out in search of employees who would be a good fit with their teams, only to find that they suddenly lacked necessary diversity. So, it’s time to hire smarter. Instead of hiring for culture fit, assess candidates using these three guidelines.

Look For Cultural Complements

When you hire for culture fit, you are limiting yourself by only hiring people who are similar to you or your current team members. Instead, try interviewing for cultural complements. Assess candidates based on their goals and how well they understand your company. As Harvard Business Review explains, hiring for cultural components “moves us away from the tendency to hire people who think the same and towards a company built on diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas that complement culture while also enriching it.”

Exploring different methods of accomplishing the same goals will lead you to hire exceptional talent that may have otherwise been a culture mismatch. If you really want to jump out of your comfort zone, purposely seek out candidates that are different from your current employees. These newcomers could shake things up and break down invisible boundaries. 

Set Up A Diversity Hiring Program

Of course, every company needs to abide by equal employment opportunity laws. However, it’s a great idea to go a step further and implement diversity hiring initiatives. In fact, your competitors are already doing it. Companies such as Intel will pay up to $4,000 in bonuses to employees who refer a woman, minority, or veteran to their workforce. Develop a diversity initiative and get everyone involved. Initiate staff training, team-building activities, and inclusion awareness company-wide events. Be sure to communicate your diversity programs early and often to keep them top of mind! This will ensure that your entire organization understands and supports your mission to diversify. 

Partner With A Recruiting Team

Inclusive hiring is one of the many unsung benefits of partnering with a recruiting firm. Because we have an exclusive network of nationwide candidates, we have a pulse on the diamonds in the rough. We understand candidates’ qualifications beyond what’s on paper. Our dual vetting process goes deeper than an ATS screening. When we submit a candidate, you can rest assured that they are qualified, excited about your opportunity, and meet any expectations you set forth. 

Are you ready to improve your hiring process? Set up a consultation with one of our recruiting experts today! We can help you hire the diverse talent you need to take your company to the next level.