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Remote Work Hiring Takes A Big Leap

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an enormous surge in remote work opportunities. Once considered a nice perk, millions of workers around the world must now work from home as they adhere to our local and federal social distancing measures. As a result, remote work jumped 28% last month. That’s no surprise due to most of us being stuck in quarantine to slow the spread. But what’s fascinating is job searches with key phrases “work at home” or “remote” were up a shocking 42% in March. In other words, the Coronavirus has influenced the mindset of employers when it comes to hiring new remote employees.

What remote work is out there?

Unfortunately, there are millions of furloughed workers around the country. Yesterday, the BLS announced another 5.2 million more unemployment claims were made, bringing the total to over 22 million since mid-March. However, many employers are still hiring, and it’s business as usual. Applications have more than doubled since last month for over a half-dozen higher-skilled jobs with decent pay, according to LinkedIn’s Senior Editor George Anders. These jobs include customer report representatives, business systems analysts, channel account managers, financial controllers, and quality assurance analysts.

Outside of applications, the top positions with the largest increase in job postings for remote work involve engineering skills. These are software engineers, full-stack engineers, and dev/ops engineers. Other job titles, such as computer sales associates, account executives, institutional sales, solutions architects, underwriters, developers, and sales engineers, are also seeing an uptick in remote hiring.

How to land a remote job

If you’re looking to secure a new work from home position, now is an excellent opportunity to do so. Many employers are changing their mindsets around working remotely. As employers roll out new work from home procedures, hiring managers are gaining confidence in their teammates working remotely. Many workers are flourishing with an increase in flexibility, better communication, and more employee-employer trust. So, if you’re one of the many workers sadly furloughed right now, here’s an excellent overview of what you should do to find your next career move, which very well may be a remote position.

Ever work with a recruiter?

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