The Job Description That Will Get You A Great Candidate Post COVID-19

The Job Description That Will Get You A Great Candidate Post COVID-19

Today’s age will make a significant change in how companies recruit and hire employees. In fact, it will probably be easy to look back and see a clear definition of pre-COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 hiring practices. But just because the hiring landscape is changing, doesn’t mean you have to be left behind. Get a head start on the competition by revamping your job descriptions TODAY. Incorporate these three things into your job description to secure top talent in this uncharted hiring territory.

Include Work Environment Details

The hottest topic in the professional world coming out of the Coronavirus is remote work. Many employers who would have never considered offering remote work were forced to do some for months. This opened their eyes to a whole new level of productivity and trust. From here on out, most candidates will be demanding remote working options and/or flexible schedules. Include these details regarding the work environment right in the job description. If you don’t offer remote work – be sure to include that to weed out incompatible candidates. Likewise, if you do offer flexible working arrangements, spell it out! That could be a huge attractor for many in-demand employees on the market.

Cover Benefits & Work Perks

In addition to remote work, the concept of PTO caused quite a bit of controversy during the COVID-19 crisis. Some professionals were even caught in the unfortunate dilemma of feeling ill and being required to quarantine for two weeks. With only five days of sick time and no flexibility, this created an incredible burden. Benefits will only continue to increase in importance to candidates and will be a huge factor in their future career decisions. Consider your current benefits package and additional perks, and ask yourself if they are meeting the needs of the market today. If so, make sure to lay it all out in the job description so candidates prioritize your company as one that will take great care of them.

Expand The Parameters

The COVID-19 pandemic only further proved that we are capable of accomplishing anything in a short amount of time with limited resources. Gone are the days of requiring 3-5 years of experience. There are fantastic candidates out there with less traditional experience but a whole arsenal of knowledge and diversity that they can bring to the table. They’ve acquired additional skills online, worked in adverse conditions, and are eager to learn and grow. Once you increase flexibility in your hiring parameters, you will open your company up to a brand new slew of incredible talent.

If you’re ready to hire top talent, you’ll need more than just a great job description. Partner with an experienced Recruiter from Johnson Search Group, and we will help you fill your critical hiring needs quickly and effectively. Contact us today to get started.