post-covid-19 job interview

The Post-COVID-19 Job Interview

The coronavirus is undoubtedly having a significant impact on the workplace. Millions of Americans are currently working from home and trying to adapt to their new working environment. And while some of these changes are only temporary, this worldwide pandemic is establishing a permanent impact on the interviewing and hiring processes of employers. Here are a few ways the post-COVID-19 job interview will change in the future.

More remote opportunities

Millions of us have been working from home over the last few weeks. Some of us might even continue to work remotely after the virus is no longer a concern. In fact, remote job postings are surging across the country. According to Indeed, searches for remote jobs have over doubled since February. LinkedIn job postings are also seeing this influx in remote opportunities and searches. This trend illustrates that people are currently searching for work from home options, and even after “stay at home” orders conclude, workers will continue to search for opportunities to work remotely. Therefore, if you’re a hiring manager and the position you’re hiring for can be done in a flexible environment, it’s time to start advertising that in your job descriptions.

More video interviews

And while we’re all getting used to hiring for more remote positions, video interviews will increase in popularity post-COVID-19 as well. It’s challenging to schedule group interviews with everyone, especially during the summer months, when many people are out on vacation. Well, now, with technologies like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, it’s no longer necessary to push interviews out weeks at a time to get everyone in the office. And for interviewees, you no longer have to take personal time or leave the office early to rush and make it to an onsite interview. Now, you can quickly jump on a video interview outside of work, or even on your lunch break. Video interviewing will allow companies to conduct interviews in a much more efficient manner.

The end of the handshake?

Handshakes have been a sign of respect and friendly greeting for centuries. But with people across the world being more conscious about their personal space, this customary greeting may be dead. In other words, when you walk into a job interview, the shaking of hands may no longer be the proper and respectful way to introduce yourself. Forgoing a handshake will make other non-verbal cues even more important when going in for an interview in the future.

Faster hiring decisions

Since we can facilitate interviews more efficiently now, hiring decisions will be much more effective. Instead of taking weeks or even months, hiring managers will be able to make decisions quickly because much of the slack will be removed from the hiring process. As an employer, this saves you tons of time and money because your department won’t have to worry as much about the cost of vacancies and loss in production while you wait to onboard new staff members. And as a job seeker, you’ll have the opportunity to start your new job quickly, which makes every worker happy! It’s a win-win situation.

There is no doubt that the post-COVID-19 job interview will look different than a typical interview in the past. But as you can see, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing! For more resources on how COVID-19 is shaping the workspace, check out our blog here.