3 Common Resume Killers

3 Common Resume Killers

With an evolving modern job landscape, you may have some fierce competition when you decide to hit the job market. This means you’ll need to be on your A-game when it comes to your resume! While some missteps can be overlooked, these three resume killers will instantly squash your candidacy and chances and landing the job.


If you’re rolling your eyes at yet another article telling you not to have typos on your resume – STOP! We have seen mistakes from executive-level candidates on down. Go through your resume with a fine-tooth comb. Utilize a service like Grammarly, which might catch spelling or punctuation errors you wouldn’t notice. And after all of that, send your resume to a friend or family member. Tell them not to hold back in looking for mistakes – your career depends on it!

Wacky Formatting

Nothing says, “I don’t have it all together” like a misformatted resume. It’s something that will catch the hiring manager’s eye immediately. That bullet point that you have about being detail-oriented becomes completely irrelevant when it’s out of line with the rest of your points or in a different sized font. Once you have completed your resume and you think it looks perfect, print it out. There’s something about seeing a hard copy that brings formatting mistakes to light.

Incorrect Customization

You have probably read dozens of articles recommending that you customize your resume (and you definitely should!). However, this will require a little bit of that “attention to detail” skill you boast about. Be careful to save each resume with the correct title and/or company you are applying to! For example, as you customize, you are probably saving each resume under a different name to keep track of each version. For example, “John Smith ABC Compan.” If you are applying to multiple jobs and forget to change the name of your resume (sending John Smith ABC Company to DEF Company), chances are the hiring manager won’t even open it!

You may have identified a common theme between these three resume killers – attention to detail. It’s vital that you take your time to thoughtfully apply for each position; it shows that you have a genuine interest in the company and you take pride in your work.

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