Diverse and Inclusive A Recruitment Strategy

How to Implement A Diverse and Inclusive Recruitment Strategy

As a recruiter in the banking and finance industry, I speak to a lot of hiring managers and HR professionals about what types of candidates they are looking for and the makeup of their teams. One thing that’s clear, a lot of institutions hire with diversity and inclusion in mind. So, what are diversity and inclusion? According to Built In, diversity is the traits and characteristics that encompass the uniqueness of a person. On the other hand, inclusion is the behaviors and social norms that make people feel included within a group or structure. Here are four ways to successfully implement a diverse and inclusive recruitment strategy.

Writing job descriptions tailored towards your target audience

Keywords are proven to be effective in keeping job descriptions more inclusive when it comes to gender. A study from The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University shows that job descriptions contain more masculine terms, which tend to discourage women from applying to specific jobs. For example, the word “determined” is considered a masculine word, while “dedicated” is seen as a more feminine term. Be conscious of how you write your job descriptions to ensure you are inclusive.

Networking with diverse groups, colleges, or organizations

There are so many ways to virtually network via LinkedIn, as well as in-person networking events. Job fairs, connecting with local colleges who represent a lot of underrepresented groups, or joining organizations that celebrate diversity are a great way to meet people, get referrals, and network in person. Social media, like LinkedIn, is an excellent way to develop a more diverse recruitment strategy. An example would be joining a group on LinkedIn with your target audience and posting your job in that group. It’s a great way to have conversations or get referrals from people of different backgrounds to ensure you’re building a diverse team.

Create a workplace culture that celebrates diversity

Diversity training in the workplace is a great way to generate awareness of diversity issues while also promoting a cohesive workforce amongst employees. Companies can also identify certain cultural assumptions employees may feel towards others while improving the interpretation of other cultures.

You can also create a diversity club or group. For example, a previous employer of mine had a “Diversity Group” responsible for organizing events and giving information about other cultures to employees. It was a fun way for employees to celebrate and understand different cultures.

Creating diverse-friendly branding

My recruiting territory is primarily in the Pacific Northwest, and many of my candidates are looking for employers with diverse cultures. Moreover, these organizations tend to be more welcoming to change and innovation. Essentially, a diverse team is more open to new ideas and views from their diverse employees. Diversity creates creativity!

We can help you build a more diverse team

These are just a few ways to implement a diverse and inclusive recruitment strategy. If you’re interested in working with a recruiter, reach out to us today! Our team specializes in recruiting candidates that ‘check all your boxes’ and fit your organization’s culture! Reach out to Johnson Search Group today, and let’s work together.