Start Building Your Customized Staffing Strategy

Start Building Your Customized Staffing Strategy Today

Throughout the COVID-19 outbreak and continuing as we adjust to a new normal, companies are finding themselves unsure of how to proceed with hiring. Some teams are still working from home and may continue to be remote for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, others had to trim their workforce and are now finding remaining employees feeling stressed and overworked. And in some cases, companies have had to totally rethink existing structures to meet increasing demand (we’re talking about you, Amazon!). Now more than ever is a perfect time to have a customized staffing strategy in place.

So how do you go about crafting a hiring plan that will meet current demands, account for uncertain futures, and provide a safety net for critical openings? We’ll walk you through a step-by-step guide to creating a staffing strategy perfectly customized to meet your specific hiring needs.

Hire Contract Workers

In uncertain economic times, contractors will be essential to your team makeup. Contractor workers help your bottom line by reducing fixed personnel costs and paying strictly for time worked. Hiring temporary workers allows your department to weather economic rollercoasters with little to no effect as you are able to adjust your workforce accordingly.

Prioritize Critical Searches

If you are one of the many hiring managers ramping up your hiring, you may find yourself faced with some fierce competition for both top candidates and for your recruiting team’s time. As your internal recruiting team balances hiring for the entire company, make sure you communicate your priority roles, preferred strategy, and a strict deadline for when you need the position filled.

Streamline Your Hiring Process

Speaking of hiring deadlines, it’s essential to have a streamlined hiring process. There may be a lot of candidates on the job market currently; however, a smaller percentage are highly qualified for your specific position. Additionally, many of your competitors are going to take advantage of that. Once you find a candidate you like, interview them, and present an offer as soon as possible; even if that means conducting a virtual interview!

Partner With A Recruiting Firm

Does all of that sound a little overwhelming on top of your essential day-to-day duties? That’s what we’re here for. At Johnson Search Group, we work together with you to build a customized staffing solution that will fit your needs when you need them. Whether that’s a combination of direct hire and contract, a mass hiring event, or even just establishing a relationship with a recruiter so you have a professional at the ready when you need them. Get started today!