surge in remote work

Are You Ready for A Surge in Remote Work?

Millions of workers across the country have been working from home for months. According to a recent poll from JSG, 55% of workers are still working remotely. Some are preparing to return to the office in the next couple of weeks, while others are working from home for the foreseeable future. For example, Google CEO Sundar Pichai just announced earlier this week that nearly all of their employees worldwide will now be working from home until June 2021. Other companies will likely follow through as they have experienced positive results from the transition to a remote workforce. Like it or not, working from home will be much more common going forward. Are you ready for a surge in remote work?

Remote work positions are skyrocketing

Job postings for remote positions have almost tripled over the last couple of months. According to LinkedIn, job postings for remote opportunities have increased 2.8x since March 2020. Some of these roles are listed as “temporarily remote,” while other postings are for permanent remote positions. And although remote hiring is skyrocketing in the U.S., we are not the only country seeing a push. In fact, we only rank #14 out of the top 18 countries experiencing a boost in remote job postings. Brazil (4.9x), Spain (3.8x), and the United Kingdom (3.8x) are leading the way in remote hiring. Canada clocked it at the 18th spot, with only a 1.5x increase. So even though there is a spike in the States, many other countries are supporting the notion of working from home in some capacity.

Job searches and applications for remote positions are climbing

Just as remote job postings are surging, job searches and applications for remote roles are climbing. Searches have increased by a towering 60%, and job applications have jumped 2.3x. Now that more workers have been exposed to working from home, the stigma has been marginalized. Job seekers are more susceptible to searching for a role that offers the safety and luxuries of WFH. Also, some parents are worried that their kids will be stuck attending school online, so they might have to find a new role that offers a flexible schedule and working environment.

What remote positions are available?

There is a broad mix of positions that are seeing a spike in remote job postings. The types of jobs that top the list are services, technology, and marketing. There are also some recruiting and creative roles breaking into the top job listings, too.

Here is a list from LinkedIn of the fastest-growing remote jobs by application volume:

fastest growing remote jobs

Source: LinkedIn

Customer service, IT, and, creative positions are topping out this list. Obviously, some of the positions are seeing a spike because of the pandemic, but do you see any commonality in these positions? They are all positions that can be down from home with the right technologies and set up. So, even after we get back to normal (whenever that will be), remote hiring will likely be here to stay.

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