Small Town America Welcomes Workers

Small-Town America Welcomes Workers

The United States is experiencing an extreme shift. Major cities that were once bustling hubs of business are becoming less and less attractive. Overcrowding, contagion, and cost of living are becoming major deterrents for places like Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago. Simultaneously, companies are shifting to remote work models – allowing their employees to get the job done wherever they are. We’re taking a more in-depth look at small-town America and what makes it so attractive to today’s workforce.


Well, no doubt paying people to live in your city is a surefire way to attract them. Smaller towns throughout the U.S. are offering incentives for professionals to relocate there. For example, Savannah, Georgia, is offering a $2,000 per remote worker relocation benefit. “Whether or not the company is headquartered here, we want the high wage earners that can be remote to move here,” shared Jennifer Bonnett of the Savannah Economic Development Authority.  And other towns are following suit, including Tulsa and Topeka. Companies in small towns are also offering generous relocation packages for experienced candidates. (Including some Johnson Search Group partners!)

Cost Of Living

It is common sense that the cost of living is going to be lower in smaller cities. Lesser known, however, is that these areas also boast competitive salaries for professionals. And the combination of the two is hard to resist. Even their starting salaries are generous, attracting young professionals to launch their careers.

As you can see, there’s a common thread throughout these affordable cities. Eight of the fifteen are located in the Midwest. Texas also boasts an impressive three cities on the list.

Community Culture

The “small-town community feel” isn’t just a trope for romantic comedies. Most people consider small towns slower-paced and friendly. People report significantly higher job satisfaction in smaller communities. (Particularly in the Midwest!) The Wall Street Journal recently published, “Zillow and Redfin are both reporting spikes in single-family home searches in smaller cities.” Could “the American Dream” be having a resurgence? With the flexibility of working remotely, people can achieve their dream of living in a small community. The ability to purchase a home, have wide-open spaces, get to know your neighbors, and finally build that white picket fence are all within reach. 

Are you ready to pack up and move to small-town America? Whether you’re interested in relocating or just want to learn more, we’re here to help. Contact a JSG Recruiter today to start the conversation about what’s next for you!