Growth Opportunities During Crazy Times

Growth Opportunities During Crazy Times

During these crazy times, most banks are pulling back from hiring and trying to shuffle staff to fill in where they can. However, we work with many banks and credit unions that see this as an opportunity to grow and capture top tier talent. With uncertainty afoot, many incredible candidates are not getting what they want from their current financial institution. As a result, hiring managers are taking advantage of this opportunity and building a great team.

Why The Growth Opportunity Exists

When I speak with candidates about this, many are hesitant at first due to the current economic climate. However, after a little research on the institution and introspection on the benefits of exploring a new opportunity, they realize the signs have always been there. They just pushed them aside because it is a pain to change companies. As an Executive Recruiter who works solely in the banking and finance space, I completely understand that. I have seen a wide variety of reasons anyone would make a move through my years in the industry.

Growth Opportunities From A Hiring Perspective

If your team has established your desired reputation, you can have your pick of top talent. Although, now you need to help them see why your organization is where they want to be and what they need to put their career on their desired trajectory. As much as many people feel uncomfortable “selling” the organization or simply don’t like to sell at all, this needs to change. Candidates need to feel desired in order for them to make that move. If they feel like a cog in a never-ending wheel, they won’t leave a stable position with their current organization. Why not take the plunge and help sell the opportunity. Explain why they need to join your team and the value that they will add from day one. 

How You Can Take Advantage Of Growth Opportunities

If your organization is taking the hard stance that you can’t hire right now, you need to reconsider YOUR role on this team. Look for a firm that wants to see you and your team be the best they can be. Sometimes that even means cutting the low performers to make room for the people you want on your team. People are resilient. They will either learn from the cut and become a better professional, or they will complain and do nothing. (Which of course that proves your point as to why you let them go!)

No one enjoys getting let go. But believe me, I lost a great job during the last economic downturn, and it helped make me a better and stronger person for my next opportunity. I also appreciated the next position, even if it wasn’t exactly what I wanted and have really learned to value every opportunity that has brought me to where I am today. 

In the end, times like these teach us tough professional lessons. Who is valuable, who isn’t, where we truly belong, and which growth opportunities you should jump on. If you are ready to take your team to the next level or live up to your full potential with a different organization, give me a call. I will help you craft a custom strategy to fit your specific career goals, setting you up for success now and in the future.