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3 Emerging Medical Technologies and Their Benefits

The pandemic has changed our lives in many ways and has shaken up some of our routines and normalcies. Technology in healthcare has made significant transformations throughout the last six months. This industry has taken an enormous step forward as we become more reliant on new technologies and processes. Here are three emerging medical technologies that are helping us overcome these challenging times and their long-term benefits.

Telehealth and Telemedicine

Telehealth is a quickly developing technology that allows patients to virtually receive medical care through highly personalized mobile apps or video calls like Zoom. Telemedicine enables patients to speak virtually with physicians and other medical professionals to receive instant diagnoses and medical advice instead of waiting for face-to-face appointments with their doctor. Major benefits include improved access to healthcare, cost-effectiveness, and improved quality. This is a great solution to increasing patient demand, especially in rural and remote areas.

At Johnson Search Group, we work with many rural healthcare organizations. One of the biggest struggles we hear in rural areas is access to medical care. It can take hours to drive to the nearest healthcare professional, so telehealth is drastically shaping these communities’ healthcare access.

3D Printing

3D printing enables prototyping, customization, research, and manufacturing for healthcare professionals. Surgeons can replicate patient-specific organs with 3D printed devices to help prepare for procedures, and many medical devices and surgical tools can be 3D printed as well. It makes it easier to cost-effectively develop comfortable prosthetic limbs for patients and print tissues and organs for transplants. It can also ‘print’ pills for patients containing multiple drugs, which improves the organization, timing, and monitoring of numerous medications.

Medical robots

Many believe that an autonomous robot could soon be a regular member of any hospital’s medical staff. These devices may perform duties, such as taking a patient’s pulse and scanning vital signs, reading case notes, and even performing surgery!

One unique example that we may not think of is the Disinfecting Bots that take the place of error-prone humans. Modern disinfecting robots can move autonomously to patient’s rooms and bombard the empty room with high-powered UV rays for several minutes until no microorganism is left alive. These robots are obviously in high demand while our country struggles to combat the virus outbreak. These machines ensure the elimination of bacteria and help keep staff and patients healthy.

We can help staff for these emerging medical technologies

These three technologies are rapidly growing and are quickly becoming a permanent addition to healthcare systems. As a result, hospitals and medical groups are adding new talent to their IT departments to keep up with demand and changing system requirements. My team and I specialize in healthcare recruiting throughout the United States. We have recently seen an increase in IT hiring within the healthcare field. If you want to discuss different staffing strategies to get some great candidates on board, reach out to me. Johnson Search Group is here to help. We offer both direct-hire and contract staffing solutions and would be more than happy to discuss a partnership.