How To Answer "What Are Your Salary Requirements" In An Interview

How To Answer “What Are Your Salary Requirements?” In An Interview

This interview question continually tops the list of the most dreaded questions. No one likes talking salary – hiring managers included. However, it’s a necessary step to a successful partnership. In this case, there really are no ulterior motives. A hiring manager needs to understand your salary requirements in order to make you a competitive offer.

How To Craft Your Answer

First, it’s essential to understand your rights when it comes to answering this question. In many states, it is illegal for a company to ask you about your current salary. However, you should have a salary range at the ready when asked. This requires doing your research and understanding your value before you go into an interview. Utilize a website such as, or Glassdoor to find the standard range for your position and experience level in your area. Then, calculate an educated estimated salary based on your experience and the salary range of the posted job.

Example Answer For “What Are Your Salary Requirements?”

“With my experience and skills in this industry, I would expect to receive a salary in the range of $60,000 to $70,000 a year.”

When it comes time to present your answer – keep it simple! There will be room for negotiations down the road. Know your worth and own it!


If you’re partnering with a recruiting firm such as Johnson Search Group, we help significantly with addressing your salary requirements. From the beginning of our relationship, we’ll help you establish an appropriate range for your experience and career goals. Additionally, we discuss your range upfront with the hiring manager, leaving no room for awkward conversations. If it is brought up during the interview, you can always just request that they refer back to your recruiter.

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