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What Makes An Excellent Recruiter

There are thousands of professional recruiters and staffing firms across the world. But what separates an excellent recruiter from a good recruiter or even a lousy one? Industry-leading recruiters have more than tough skin – it’s about finding the “right” talent for your organization. That means sourcing candidates that fit your culture, salary range, and of course, qualifications. But what it takes to become an excellent recruiter is much more than that. Here are three things that every great recruiter must facilitate.

Cultivate relationships

A good recruiter does not just send resumes to your inbox and wait for an offer letter to arrive on a shiny platter. While this is a largely a transactional business, my colleagues and I at Johnson Search Group genuinely enjoy the relationships we develop with hiring managers, HR professionals, and candidates. My candidates (well, all candidates) deserve feedback just as much as hiring managers. I take the time to listen to my clients and understand their hiring needs. In the end, I want both my clients and candidates to be happy with the end result. Building these relationships is what separates the best recruiters from the pack.


Great recruiters deliver what you ask for and sometimes even more. We spend our days searching for someone that aligns perfectly with all facets of your organization. While being a recruiter does take some thick skin, maintaining transparency throughout the entire process is critical. I always let my clients know when a candidate red flag occurs, even when it means a hire falling through. If something seems off about a candidate or I think they are being dishonest, I step up to the plate and deliver that news to my clients. Transparency can be challenging, but it is always the right call in the end for building trusting relationships.

Learn from their mistakes

No recruiter is perfect, I shall say, and just as in life, you learn from your mistakes. I was recently blindsided by a candidate when they accepted a competitor’s offer. I was sure they were sold on my client and the position, but I was wrong. However, I have learned my lesson and now know what questions to ask to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Like everything else in life, the best recruiters out there are those who learn from mistakes.

Want to work with an excellent recruiter?

So, those are three of the main characteristics that separate the great recruiters from the others. If you are interested in partnering with a professional recruiting firm, connect with me today. When you partner with JSG, you are not only getting a fierce recruiter but someone that actually cares about you and their candidates.