How To Answer "What Do You Like Least About Your Job?" In An Interview

How To Answer “What Do You Like Least About Your Job?” In An Interview

What They Want To Know

When a hiring manager asks this tricky question, they want to know two things. First, can you identify that there are undesirable aspects of your job? And how do you tackle those less-than-exciting tasks? They ultimately want to understand how you handle negativity. Additionally, they’re curious to find out if you will give in to an opportunity to endlessly complain.

Answering the question “what do you like least about your job?” can be tough to navigate. This is not an opportunity to unload and commiserate about everything you dislike about your job. Instead, use it as an opportunity to express your excitement about the role you are interviewing for. Discuss an opportunity that the job you’re interviewing for would afford that your current or past positions didn’t.

Example Answer For “What do you like least about your job?”

“The thing I like least about my current position is that I don’t have the opportunity to interact directly with our accounts. While I love contributing to the overall end product we deliver to our customers, I am looking for the opportunity to interact with our partners. That’s what originally attracted me to this position, actually. I am ready to step into the position of Account Manager and make an immediate impact on customer satisfaction.”

Final Comments

If you’re more comfortable just picking something you like least about your job, keep it short and sweet. Briefly mention what it is, and explain that it doesn’t utilize your strengths or challenge you anymore. Every single job will have an undesirable aspect to it. So, naturally, it’s fine to recognize this. Just be sure to resist the temptation to vent.

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