Sell your achievements on your resume

How to Sell Your Achievements on Your Resume

Are you sick of sending your resumes to hiring managers or submitting them on job boards and never hearing back? One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a candidate is failing to sell your achievements on your resume. Hiring managers and HR professionals have a lot on their plates right now. If you want to stand out, you need to quantify your wins to your prospective employer. Here are a few tips for selling yourself on your resume to secure a job before the end of the year.

Quantify your results

Hiring managers are swamped juggling their day-to-day responsibilities and sifting through dozens of resumes. There is a ton of competition out there for job seekers, with over 12 million unemployed Americans. As a result, you need to stand out by quantifying your results. Adding metrics will help you demonstrate the scale and context of your contributions to your past and former employers.

Utilize metrics like click-through rates, average sales figures, cost reductions, time savings, and other measurements. To really give context to these achievements, use percentage changes over a certain period to paint a clear picture of your accomplishments. Here is an example that puts all of these pieces together:

  • Created new employee engagement programs that helped improve the company’s employee retention rate by 9 percent over the last five months.

This is an excellent example because it shares an achievement that is scalable and provides a specific time range to create a greater context for this accomplishment.

Use your daily tasks to sell your achievements

It is easier to quantify your achievements when your role directly affects the company’s bottom line. However, if you are struggling to quantify your results, Rework Work CEO Stacey Gordon recommends that you pay attention to your less conventional work outcomes. For example, did you help save your department money? Or did you create a device that saved your team time or reduced waste?

Choose a particular outcome from your daily workday and quantify it. For example, say you write three articles a week for your company’s website. You can quickly multiply that number by an appropriate timeframe, say a month or a quarter, to make an ordinary task sound more like an achievement.

Need more resume resources?

Those are two easy ways you can better sell your achievements on your resume by quantifying them. If you are searching for more resume advice, take a look at our candidate resources. We have dozens of helpful resume resources to help you succeed in your job search!