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Workforce Confidence Reaches Pandemic-Era High

In a breath of fresh air, U.S. workers’ confidence is at the highest level since April, according to LinkedIn’s Workforce Confidence Index. This index measures workers’ confidence levels based on their feelings towards their job security, finances, and career prospects. This positive transition is a result of upturns in several vital industries despite growing concerns of coronavirus cases. Here are the industries inspiring the greatest workforce confidence as of October 2020.


The manufacturing sector has shown substantial flexibility throughout the pandemic. They found ways to shift their efforts to survive during this tough economy by manufacturing PPEs or converting their distilleries into creating hand sanitizer, for example. Now, these efforts are paying off as the manufacturing sector in the U.S. continues to grow.

In last month’s Jobs Report, the Labor Department reported that 66,000 manufacturing jobs were created. This is the fifth consecutive month of growth for this sector, and it is currently being led by the production of durable goods and motor vehicles and parts.


The confidence of healthcare professionals is finally stabilizing. At the beginning of the pandemic, nurses and doctors felt anxious about the transition of new safety protocols, lack of PPE, and the overall unknown of the virus. Fast forward to today, and healthcare professionals are feeling more confident and safer.

Telemedicine has been a tremendous efficiency booster this year. Patients can now seek a doctor’s help from the safety of their homes, which is helping streamline patient visits and allowing healthcare professionals to focus on more serious matters.

Public Administration and Media & Communication

Confidence in public administration and media & communication made a huge seven-point jump in September. A leap in public administration is a surprise for most because of declining tax revenues this year, and as a result, a tighter payroll. However, some entities are on a hiring spree, as some cities are recovering faster than others.

The media & communication sector’s confidence was hit hard throughout the pandemic. Although currently sitting at a modest level, professionals’ outlooks on their careers and finances are looking up. As companies continue to shift their gears to reach consumers, demand for media & communication professionals will remain high. Many in-person marketing events and tradeshows were canceled at the beginning of the pandemic; however, hosts of such events are finding creative ways to shift these events to a virtual platform. Just like how employers are shifting to virtual interviews to streamline their hiring process and keep everyone safe.

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