How To Sell Yourself On An Executive Resume

How To Sell Yourself On An Executive Resume

Selling yourself during a job search is awkward and uncomfortable. It’s even more challenging for an executive-level professional. Chances are, you have tons of experience, a toolbox of skills, and a huge list of accomplishments. It’s important to condense your qualifications and highlight your best ones. Here are three guidelines to follow when crafting your executive resume.

Highlight Your Qualifications First And Foremost

On average, a hiring manager spends 7 seconds looking at your resume. This means that you need to make your qualifications clear right off the bat. For every job you submit a resume to, make sure to customize four or five bullets at the top to highlight your most relevant credentials.

Quantify Your Achievements

When looking for executive-level talent, hiring managers want to see RESULTS. Be sure to quantify your achievements, like budget management, goals, and team leadership. Be as specific as possible when demonstrating financial and business impact: highlight goal percentages, click-through rates, average sales figures, cost-savings, and other metrics. Again, customize your achievements to fit each job description.

Clean Up Your Formatting

Some of the most sought-after skills for executives are organization, prioritization, and attention to detail. Showcase your proficiency in these areas before you even enter the hiring process by having a crisp and clean resume. Only include relevant management experience. Don’t feel the need to make your resume excessively long. Typically, you don’t need to go farther than 15 years or so. Use clear headings, bulleted lists, and consistent spacing throughout. Finally, have someone proofread your resume. Even the best automated spell-check can miss grammatical errors!

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