The Most Valuable Trait in the Banking Industry

The Most Valuable Trait in the Banking Industry

When thinking about the most successful people in the banking industry, which characteristics are you looking for as a hiring manager? Probably things like “dynamic,” “agile,” and “flexible.” But what do these words really mean? And how do candidates with these soft skills outshine the rest?

What are hiring managers looking for?

I’m hearing from my clients that they are looking for adaptability – people who are not afraid to roll with the punches and make the necessary changes in today’s challenging labor market. In the banking industry, you must have the mindset to embrace change. Traditionally, this is an industry where people do things a certain way because “that’s how we have always done them.” Unfortunately, that will not cut it in today’s world.

Don’t be afraid of change

People who are able to adapt to change quickly and possibly even step outside of their comfort zone will be more successful in this industry. That’s the true takeaway. It’s an overall attitude and a willingness to be flexible and embrace change.

Candidates that are flexible are more marketable. By illustrating that you are open to change, you are becoming a more valuable asset for a prospective employer. Hiring managers are looking for candidates who will not be stuck in the past; they want workers that will look to the future and welcome the challenge that uncertainty brings. With many people working remotely for the foreseeable future, flexibility will be greatly appreciated by every hiring manager.

Do you need help attracting these professionals?

So, are you looking for banking professionals that welcome change and the challenges it brings? People, who aren’t afraid to adopt a new process or way of doing things? In this market, you need candidates that have the ability to rethink and restructure, those dynamic, agile people who can pivot on a dime. Give me a call; I recognize these qualities and can find them for you.